UGA RUF Ministry Teams


RUF is a ministry “to students, through students, under the oversight of an ordained campus minister.” We are not a staff-driven or staff-heavy ministry—meaning there are very real and substantive ways you get to lend your own gifts, experiences, and contributions in service to our greater mission to reach UGA with the Gospel of Jesus. We’re also not a simply a student-run ministry with no oversight at all—meaning you will find biblically faithful and theologically rich teaching here from trained pastors and interns. Add these two dynamics up and you get a ministry that continually nourishes you while also empowering you to go out and minister to others. Here’s a glimpse of how we’ve organized ourselves in this mission. These are the different teams students of all stripes at UGA and UNG have joined to serve Jesus by serving their neighbors during their college years.

If you’re newer to RUF and would like to talk more about getting involved or joining one of the ministry teams below, please reach out!

Ministry AREAS


  • Worship:  Keeps our hearts fixed on the Person and work of our triune God by leading the UGA and RUF community in engaging, honest, accessible, and formative worship. (Led by Colin Stevens and Sarah Gray)

  • Prayer: Regularly prays bold, perceptive, expectant prayers on RUF and UGA’s behalf and works to cultivate a culture of this kind of prayer across all of RUF. (Led by Emily Cartledge and Noah Kershner)

  • Community Groups: Cultivates the relational and spiritual health of RUF's community and coordinates a network of weekly small group Bible studies accessible to the full spectrum of UGA students. (Led by Abigail Snyder and Hunter Burnett)

  • Large Group Team: Works to ensure that what is remembered from RUF Large Group is a welcoming community, a hospitable room, and a rich experience of God’s presence instead of glitches, distractions, or hurried people. (Led by Elizabeth Nixon and Robert Kendrick-Holmes)


  • Freshmen Outreach: Weaves the statistically loneliest people group on our campus into the fabric of RUF's life and

    community through personal discipleship, connecting events, and Tuesday Freshman Fellowship. (Led by Elle Shuford and Cameron Brown)

  • Freshmen Fellowship: Cultivates the relational and spiritual health of those freshmen at UGA and UNG that are gathered into RUF’s Freshmen Fellowship ministry. (Led by Alex Lacy and Hunter Manning)

  • Assimilation Team: Seamlessly weaves newcomers to RUF like UGA and UNG transfer students, sophomores, and fringe students into the life and mission of RUF's community. (Led by Abby Walter and Christian Huff)

  • Events Team: Creates events that foretaste the new heavens and new earth in breaking down barriers, drawing outsiders in, and bringing light-hearted joy to all who come. (Led by Ben Tucker and Kelly Tims)


  • Mercy & Outreach:  Keeps RUF’s eyes alert to our friends on campus not currently being reached by evangelical ministries and also to the tangible burdens our friend's on campus bear, developing ways we might reach them and help lift burdens. (Led by Grace Shackleford and John David Adams)

  • Greek Outreach: Builds two-way bridges between RUF and the Greek Community at UGA that they might feel welcome coming to us and we might quick to move toward them. (Led by Rachel Skinner and Catherine Paulk)

  • Alumni Relations: Honors God's past work in and through our alumni by reconnecting, updating, and creatively including them in our ongoing mission (Led by Sydney Robertson).

  • Welcome Week: Helps RUF spend a year planning August instead of spending August planning a year. (Led by Annie Reynolds and Maggie Aldin)

  • Creative & Digital Team: Shares RUF’s story to UGA as broadly and memorably as possible through social media, print media, advertising, word-of-mouth, and other avenues. (Led by Ella Burge)