Community Groups

In RUF, the core of our approach to ministry is the cultivation of Gospel-driven relationships. It’s not enough to simply know facts about God; these realities have to be lived out in meaningful relationships to ever gain traction and generate change.  After all, this is what Jesus demonstrated with his own disciples.  A community group is any 5-15 students who gather together weekly to better understand and apply the Bible together in community.  It's a place where we apply specific pieces of Scripture to specific, honest pieces of our lives.   RUF Community Groups are geared to be places where both believers and skeptics can feel at home. We don’t assume anything about people joining a group other than that they want to become better connected to others in RUF and that they are open to seriously considering the claims of Scripture in community with others.

Sign up below and one of our Community Group Leaders will follow up with you about getting connected to a group.  If you have questions in the meantime, just let us know!



COED TBD @ TBD with Trevor Heffner on the Book of Ruth (UGA Bulldog Cafe)
COED TBD @ TBD with Caysie Ashton on TBD (UGA Bulldog Cafe)
COED Fridays @ TBD with Ben Coppedge on Reformed Theology (Tate 1st Floor Cafe—Barberrito’s Side) COED Thursdays @ TBD with Rachel Anderson & Jenna Sourdiff (Large Group Sermon Discussion Group) COED PRAYER Group @ 8:00pm Thursdays with Noah Kershner & Emily Cartledge (TBD)


FRESHMEN FELLOWSHIP Tuesdays @ 8-9:15pm (Redeemer's "Firestone Room":  165 Pulaski St Downtown Athens)
GUYS Mondays @ 7:30pm with Hunter Burnett & Noah Kershner (Downtown North Side area:  140 Jonas Ave.)
GUYS Mondays @ 7:30pm with Christian Huff & Matt Sartorato (Eastside/Pineview area:  115 Pineview Ct.)
GUYS Tuesdays @ 7:30pm with Drew Bohannon & Nathan McVey (Eastside/Pineview area: 295-B Pineview Dr.)
GIRLS Mondays @ 7:30pm with Maggie Aldin & Alexa Taylor (Eastside/Barnett Shoals area:  490 Barnett Shoals Rd., #115)
GIRLS Tuesdays @ 7:30pm with Edy Copeland & Megan Pierce (Downtown East Side area:  164 Hering St.)
GIRLS Tuesdays @ 7:30pm with Emily Cartledge & Becca Gojda (Atlanta Hwy near Cookout area:  215 Hodgson Dr.)
GIRLS TBD @ 7:30pm with TBD & TBD